What is the best of Stonehaven.biz?

The Best of Stonehaven.Biz exists to promote high quality, reputable locally owned and operated  independent businesses.

The Best of Stonehaven.Biz encourages the public to conduct business with reputable, locally owned companies that operate with honesty, integrity and ethical behavior and to support their local businesses in the community.

The Best of Stonehaven.Biz is happy to:

Making it Work

The Best of Stonehaven.Biz recognises that the action of any one local business can reflect on the whole community, and would urge local companies to aspire to the following goals:

We, the members of The Best of Stonehaven.Biz, pledge to conduct ourselves and our businesses in a manner that integrates honesty, integrity and ethical behavior in all of the endeavors that we pursue and toward each individual with whom we interact.

Feedback from You

Our aim is to provide you with access to information on quality local companies that will deal with you competently and honestly. Our database is continually under review and we would encourage you to report your experiences, good and bad, in dealing with businesses listed here.

We would also encourage you to nominate businesses (including your own) for inclusion in the listings for The Best of Stonehaven.Biz.

To see if your company are eligible to be included in The Best of Stonehaven.Biz check out the eligibility criteria.